Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA

Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA

Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA

Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA Research and business intelligence are integral to our DNA

Our objective is to make the latest research in Science, Technology and Social Sciences accessible and strategically beneficial to businesses and governments. 

The megatrends in technology over the past decade, namely from a rapid growth in computing power to blockchain to advancements in Artificial Intelligence, are drastically disrupting the way many businesses operate. In parallel, the increasing recognition of Climate Change threats, requires governments and businesses around the world to take rapid actions and change the status quo. 

The gap between academic research and practitioners has been long recognized across different disciplines and industries. Our expert team works with organizations across industries and different parts of the world to help them implement cutting edge technologies, adopt new business models and excel in the current era of digital revolution.  

Our focus areas


Process Engineering

Process Engineering significantly evolved with instrumental and modelling developments and has become an increasingly complex discipline. Advances in physical process design techniques provide many opportunities to improve the performance across the asset lifecycle, while reducing cost and energy consumption and increasing the safety of the plant. Innovation in process engineering software allow engineers to explore a much broader range of ideas in the available time, leading to designs closer to optimums, more rigorous analyses and ultimately better design decisions. 

Yet, the reality is that in many organizations a communication between engineering disciplines and other functions is manual and inefficient. Research by Dhole et. al (2012) demonstrate that this inefficiency results in a significant loss of opportunity in capital, energy and operating costs amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars per year in lost value. 

Our goal is to help organizations reduce such losses and increase safety of process plant assets. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be construed an umbrella term for a range of technologies including cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, analysis of big datasets. Even though AI technologies are not the answer to every business problem, we have entered the realm of AI-augmented work and decision making.

Despite spectacular growth in the interest and adoption of AI, number of barriers and implementation challenges exist. Our AI coverage evaluates the value proposition offered by these technologies across different sectors and businesses. Our goal is to provide organizations and technology implementers with insight into how these technologies are shaping new applications and business models. 


“Blockchain’s ability to integrate with business systems and processes makes it a purveyor of trust and transparency—a highly coveted trait for both business and consumers alike,” says Arun Ghosh, KPMG. 

Many executives however continue to underestimate its potential to solve business problems. 


Environment and Climate Change

Our Partners and Supporting Associations


Guiding Principles

Environment, Social & Governance

Environment, Social & Governance

Environment, Social & Governance



We strongly believe in importance of ESG and aim to minimise our own direct impact and help our clients and partners in doing so. We believe that ESG principles should be integrated into  business practices  to ensure they form part of the expected considerations for service delivery.

Quality Excellence

Environment, Social & Governance

Environment, Social & Governance



We put quality first, constantly looking for better and more innovative ways to create, produce and deliver our products and services. We retain our customers by delivering the best possible results. 

Acting with Responsibility

Environment, Social & Governance

Acting with Responsibility


Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility reflects our recognition that our customers, partners, employees and communities increasingly favour companies that work in a responsible and sustainable way. 

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